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Centrifugal countercurrent distribution (CCCD) in an aqueous two-phase system (TPS) is a resolute technique revealing sperm heterogeneity and for the estimation of the fertilizing potential of a given semen sample. However, separated sperm subpopulations have never been tested for their fertilizing ability yet. Here, we have compared sperm quality(More)
We have already shown that seminal plasma proteins in the ram can repair cold-shock sperm membrane damage and that the addition of seminal plasma proteins before cold-shock treatment prevents sperm membrane injury. In this study, we prove that 2 protein bands of approximately 14 (P14) and 20 (P20) kd isolated from seminal plasma are responsible for this(More)
The effect of seminal plasma, as well as some seminal plasma fractions, on the heterogeneity and viability of frozen-thawed ram spermatozoa was studied. Fresh and frozen sperm samples were simultaneously assessed by a routine semen-quality assay and centrifugal countercurrent distribution (CCCD) in an aqueous two-phase system analysis. All samples used for(More)
The study evaluated the protective effect of seminal plasma (SP) added to freezing extender against cryopreservation injuries to boar spermatozoa. Pooled sperm-rich fractions collected from 9 fertile boars were frozen in 0.5-mL straws after being extended in a conventional freezing extender either alone or supplemented with 5% of SPs (SP1-SP4) collected(More)
This work analysed intracellular calcium stores of boar spermatozoa subjected to 'in vitro' capacitation (IVC) and subsequent progesterone-induced acrosome exocytosis (IVAE). Intracellular calcium was analysed through two calcium markers with different physico-chemical properties, Fluo-3 and Rhod-5N. Indicative parameters of IVC and IVAE were also(More)
BACKGROUND Some breeds of sheep are highly seasonal in terms of reproductive capability, and these changes are regulated by photoperiod and melatonin secretion. These changes affect the reproductive performance of rams, impairing semen quality and modifying hormonal profiles. Also, the antioxidant defence systems seem to be modulated by melatonin secretion,(More)
Previously, we reported that the addition of seminal plasma proteins before cold-shock treatment prevents sperm membrane injury, and that 2 proteins of approximately 14 (P14) and 20 (P20) kDa, the main components of fraction 6 isolated by exclusion chromatography, are responsible for this protective effect. The objective of the present study was to localize(More)
In this study, certain enzymes in ram semen involved in reactive oxygen species elimination and their changes during the cryopreservation process were characterized in order to investigate the hypothesis that the antioxidant defense system is involved in the maintenance of frozen sperm quality. Glutathione reductase (GR), glutathione peroxidase (GPx), and(More)
The accurate measurement of semen fertilizing potential is of great importance in determining the acceptability of processed semen for breeding purposes. A good sperm preparation technique results in a sample with high viability and motility and also takes into account other parameters such as the capacitation and apoptotic state which could compromise the(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the presence of actin in ejaculated ram spermatozoa and the changes of localization that actin undergoes as a consequence of certain in vitro-induced physiological states. Using indirect immunofluorescence (IIF), three different patterns of staining (defined immunotypes) were established in ejaculated sperm. The(More)