José A. Adell

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Estimates of the closeness between probability distributions measured in terms of certain distances, particularly, the Kolmogorov and the total variation distances are very common in theoretical and applied probability. Usually, the results refer to upper estimates of those distances, even sharp upper bounds in some sense. As far as we know, only a few(More)
One of the difficulties in calculating the capacity of certain Poisson channels is that <i>H</i>(¿), the entropy of the Poisson distribution with mean <i>¿</i>, is not available in a simple form. In this paper, we derive upper and lower bounds for <i>H</i>(¿) that are asymptotically tight and easy to compute. The derivation of such bounds involves only(More)
The aim of this talk is to present some results and ideas related to Hermite interpolation on the unit circle with equally spaced nodal systems. The main topics covered in this overview are the obtention of explicit expressions for the interpolation polynomials, the study of the rate of convergence of the Hermite-Fejér interpolants and other related topics(More)
We give efficient algorithms, as well as sharp estimates, to compute the Kolmogorov distance between the binomial and Poisson laws with the same mean λ. Such a distance is eventually attained at the integer part of λ 1/2 − √ λ 1/4. The exact Kolmogorov distance for λ ≤ 2 − √2 is also provided. The preceding results are obtained as a concrete application of(More)
We construct sequences of finite sums [Formula: see text] and [Formula: see text] converging increasingly and decreasingly, respectively, to the Euler-Mascheroni constant γ at the geometric rate 1/2. Such sequences are easy to compute and satisfy complete monotonicity-type properties. As a consequence, we obtain an infinite product representation for(More)