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" The best way to understand man is by creating him " —José Negrete Martínez Acknowledgements A Javier Fernández Pacheco, por inducirme a la investigación; a Jaime Lagunez Otero, por volverme adicto a ella; a Pedro Pablo González Pérez, por suministrarme y proveerme investigación; y a José Negrete Martínez, por mostrarme cómo disfrutarla. for the advices,(More)
The Everglades Research and Education Center is distinctive in that it is the only academic agricultural research and extension education facility in the United States located on subtropical organic soils. A fact sheet authored by José Alvarez, containing a summary of the main important features related to the U.S. sugarcane industry, will soon appear in(More)
The ration book—the Cuban consumer's hated little passport to survival. The ration card is not only a testimony to scarcity. The Revolution has converted it... into a testimony to equality in difficulties. Resolving the food crisis is essential for the very survival of the revolution. the issues of food scarcity, food security, and food crisis have(More)
preparation of the fijirst comprehensive report of that organization on Multinational Corporations in World Development (United Nations, 1973), before joining the newly created UNCTC as a junior professional as part of the nucleus of that Centre. He followed the United Nations Code negotiations from the beginning when he worked in UNCTC, and became directly(More)
The recent high-stakes dispute between Google and China over censorship and cyber-security has spawned renewed discussion of the international trade law protections that internet and media companies may enjoy. 1 Less recognized, however, is a perhaps more powerful legal tool in the arsenal of internet and media companies engaging in cross-border(More)
The world is undergoing radical changes, characterized by the growing interdependence of all countries and sharpened competition in liberalized markets. For Cuba, the closing years of the old millennium spelled the end of an era and posed the challenge of adjusting its domestic economic order to integrate the island fully in the global economy. Cuba's sugar(More)
Supreeth Achar Hanno Ackermann Antonio Agudo N. Ahuja Zeynep Akata Karteek Alahari Paul Aljabar Y. J. Aloimonos Jose Alvarez Alexander Andreopoulos Bjoern Andres Anelia Angelova Stanislaw Antol Relja Arandjelovic Pablo Arbelaez Devansh Arpit Salman Asif Freddie Åström Laura Astola Vassilis Athitsos Mathieu Aubry Shai Avidan Arunava Banerjee J.P. Barreto(More)
There is a rich literature on the circumstances under which the United Nations Charter or specific Security Council resolutions authorize nations to use force abroad, and there is a rich literature on the circumstances under which the U.S. Constitution and statutory law allows the President to use force abroad. These are largely separate areas of(More)