José Álvarez Marcos

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This work deals with the development of a model capable to simulate via deterministic modelling the phenomenon of phase change observed in three-phase catalytic slurry reactors, that occurs in the reacting medium and in the refrigerant fluid. A dynamic heterogeneous non-isothermal model was formulated to evaluate the impact of this phenomenon in the dynamic(More)
Convergence is a very polysemous concept that has been used to describe various trends in journalism that have something in common: the blurring of the limits between different media, professional skills and roles. This paper proposes to analytically structure convergence into four dimensions: integrated production, multiskilled professionals, multiplatform(More)
Several straightforward, rapid and automated methods for the determination of the constant of solubility product of various inorganic salts and hydroxides and the critical micelle concentrations of both anionic and cationic surfactants are reported. The underlying methodology relies on the establishment of flow-rate gradients in completely continuous flow(More)
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