Jorun Engeset

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The aim of this study was to explore how pelvic girdle pain after delivery influences women’s daily life in Norway. Knowledge about living with post-partum pelvic girdle pain is lacking. A phenomenological–hermeneutical design with qualitative semi-structured interviews was used. A strategic selection procedure was chosen to recruit participants from(More)
This study reports the experience, during a six-year period, of the Aberdeen Renal Unit in the treatment of patients with acute renal failure. The combination of a relatively stable population base and a single regional dialysis centre has allowed the incidence of acute renal failure to be assessed. Approximately 30 patients per million population were(More)
The causes of death and morbidity in a series of 104 patients with end-stage renal disease were analysed in an attempt to determine whether dialysis and renal transplantation accelerate atherogenesis. Only 4 of 37 deaths were due to myocardial infarction; a further 2 were due to other manifestations of occlusive arterial disease; and severe atheroma was an(More)
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