Jorrit van den Berg

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A competitive exception learning algorithm for finding a non-linear mapping is proposed which puts the emphasis on the discovery of the important exceptions rather than the main rules. To do so,we first cluster the output space using a competitive fuzzy clustering algorithm and derive a fuzzy frequency distribution describing the general, average system's(More)
This paper discusses a two-level strategy integrating dynamic trajectory optimization and control for the operation of chemical processes. The benefit of an online dynamic re-optimization of operational trajectories in case of disturbances is illustrated by a case study on a semi-batch reactive distillation process producing methyl acetate.
This paper presents a video streaming client implementation that makes use of the Spatial Relationship Description (SRD) feature of the MPEG-DASH standard, to provide a zoomable and navigable video to an end user. SRD allows a video streaming client to request spatial subparts of a particular video stream, which might be available in multiple resolutions. (More)
The immunomodulatory adjuvant and antihelminth levamisole is increasingly used as an adulterant in cocaine worldwide. An accumulating body of clinical and toxicological literature has appeared since 2010 describing neutropenia, agranulocytosis, leukoencephalopathy and vasculitis in cases associated with levamisole-adulterated cocaine. Mostly, neutropenia(More)
Cyber-attacks against companies and governments are increasing in complexity, persistence and numbers. Attackers take more time and effort to remain undetected than previously known multistep attacks. Common intrusion detection methods lack in their ability to detect such complex attacks. A new approach to detection is therefore needed which takes the(More)
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