Jorne Van den Bergh

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This paper presents a review of the literature on personnel scheduling problems. Firstly, we discuss the classification methods in former review papers. Secondly, we evaluate the literature in the many fields that are related to either the problem setting or the technical features. Each perspective is presented as a table in which the classification is(More)
Personnel scheduling problems need to cope with personnel preferences, coverage constraints, legal restrictions, and many other constraints. We present a three-stage methodology that can be used to select personnel rosters. In the first stage we generate multiple personnel rosters with a mathematical programming model. In the second stage, the performance(More)
This paper presents a method for constructing the workforce schedules of an aircraft maintenance company. The method integrates both the staffing and the scheduling decision. We formulate the optimization problem using a mixed integer linear programming approach and solve it heuristically using a branch-and-bound enumeration framework. Each node of the tree(More)
This paper presents a review and classification of the literature regarding workforce planning problems incorporating skills. In many cases, technical research regarding workforce planning focuses very hard on the mathematical model and neglects the real life implications of the simplifications that were needed for the model to perform well. On the other(More)
This paper presents a heuristic approach to optimize staffing and scheduling at an aircraft maintenance company. The goal is to build robust aircraft maintenance personnel rosters that can achieve a certain service level while minimizing the total labour costs. Robust personnel rosters are rosters that can handle delays associated with stochastic flight(More)
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