Jorn R. de Haan

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MOTIVATION ANOVA is a technique, which is frequently used in the analysis of microarray data, e.g. to assess the significance of treatment effects, and to select interesting genes based on P-values. However, it does not give information about what exactly is causing the effect. Our purpose is to improve the interpretation of the results from ANOVA on large(More)
A large share of agriculturally and horticulturally important plant species are polyploid. Linkage maps are used to locate associations between genes and traits by breeders and geneticists. Linkage map creation for polyploid species is not supported by standard tools. We want to overcome this limitation and validate our results with simulation studies. We(More)
Gene expression data can be analyzed by summarizing groups of individual gene expression profiles based on GO annotation information. The mean expression profile per group can then be used to identify interesting GO categories in relation to the experimental settings. However, the expression profiles present in GO classes are often heterogeneous, i.e.,(More)
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