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Contracting in space: An application of spatial statistics to discrete-choice models
Abstract We develop tests for spatial-error correlation and methods of estimation in the presence of such correlation for discrete-choice models. The tests, which are based on the notion of aExpand
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Spatial Price Competition: A Semiparametric Approach
We investigate the nature of price competition among firms that produce differentiated products and compete in markets that are limited in extent. We propose an instrumental variables seriesExpand
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The determinants of municipal tax rates in British Columbia
In this paper we study the regional pattern of municipal business property tax rates in the province of British Columbia. Reduced-form tax-setting equations produce some evidence that municipalExpand
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Empirical Implications of Equilibrium Bidding in First-Price, Symmetric, Common Value Auctions
This paper studies federal auctions for wildcat leases on the Outer Continental Shelf from 1954 to 1970. These are leases where bidders privately acquire (at some cost) noisy, but equallyExpand
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Mergers, brand competition, and the price of a pint
Abstract Mergers in the UK brewing industry have reduced the number of national brewers from six to four. The number of brands, in contrast, has remained relatively constant. We analyze the effectsExpand
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The Future of Spatial Econometrics
The purpose of this paper is threefold. First, we give an overview of the general direction the spatial econometrics literature has taken without attempting to provide a representative survey of allExpand
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Spillovers in Space: Does Geography Matter?
We simultaneously assess the contributions to productivity of three sources of research and development spillovers: geographic, technology and product-market proximity. To do this, we construct a newExpand
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Those Taxes are all over the Map! A Test for Spatial Independence of Municipal Tax Rates in British Columbia
A test for spatial independence based on characteristic functions is introduced. The test is shown to be consistent against a fairly general class of alternatives, and the asymptotic distribution ofExpand
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A central limit theorem for endogenous locations and complex spatial interactions
We provide a new central limit theorem (CLT) for spatial processes under weak conditions that are plausible for many economic applications in which location is endogenous. In particular, our CLT isExpand
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The Affiliation Effect in First‐Price Auctions
We study the monotonicity of the equilibrium bid with respect to the number of bidders n in affiliated private-value models of first-price sealed-bid auctions and prove the existence of a large classExpand
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