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The Rogowski coil is a traditional current-to-voltage transducer. To use it for high-accuracy measurement of low frequency AC current, it is necessary to have a very precise sensor geometry and very specific conditions, such as a stable temperature and a centered primary conductor in order to minimize errors. Conversely, it is also possible to compensate(More)
A crucial part in the development of embedded systems in the industrial automation domain is their verification using simulation-based techniques. A comprehensive set of domain-specific modeling and simulation tools are available for this purpose, but they can only focus on certain aspects of a design. This paper presents a co-simulation framework for(More)
Rogowski coils (RC) used for high-accuracy contactless current measurement ask for precise sensor geometry and specific conditions, such as a centered primary conductor. To relax these constraints, we propose here a recently patented continuous calibration system which features a reference conductor added coaxially to the primary conductor and a(More)
  • Joris Pascal
  • Revue de laryngologie - otologie - rhinologie
  • 1999
Acoustic impedance measurement at the point of entry into the external auditory meatus provides a rapid means to detect malfunctions of the middle ear in the region of the tympanic membrane, without having recourse to perforating the tympanic membrane. In this article we define acoustic impedance and provide a brief reminder of its physical properties. In(More)
This paper focuses on the electro-thermal modeling of an electrical current sensor, based on the Rogowski Coil transducer. We exploit the multi-domain capabilities of VHDL-AMS together with geometrical Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to create a time-dependent parametrical model which is able to compute concurrently the thermal and electrical variables of the(More)
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