Joris Mihaeli

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A new approach to the deployment of public key infrastructure is presented, based on a separation between the issuing of certificates and the usage of certificates. Certificates are signed assertions by the issuer about the subject of the certificate (holder of corresponding secret key), not necessarily identifying the subject. Typical use of certificate is(More)
The purpose of the current work is to explore and improve the analysis of event data stored in event repositories, enabling the application of specialized event algebra operators over the event data. We consider an event data model and apply an event specification language for detection of situations (patterns) over the event history. We introduce layered(More)
It is widely accepted that the challenges posed by virtual enterprises are not necessarily technological in nature but more associated with the business issues in organizing and operating such organizations. However, solutions to these business issues can and should leverage the technological infrastructure in order to improve the feasibility, scalability(More)
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