Joris Meijaard

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By J. P. Meijaard, Jim M. Papadopoulos, Andy Ruina and A. L. Schwab School of MMME, The University of Nottingham, University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD, UK ( 2802 West Carrera Court, Green Bay, WI 54311, USA ( Department of Mechanics, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853, USA (
A riderless bicycle can automatically steer itself so as to recover from falls. The common view is that this self-steering is caused by gyroscopic precession of the front wheel, or by the wheel contact trailing like a caster behind the steer axis. We show that neither effect is necessary for self-stability. Using linearized stability calculations as a(More)
This article investigates the relationship between knowledge management (KM), innovation and firm performance of smaller firms (less than 100 employees), based on a panel of more than 400 Dutch firms. Regression analyses explain the variations in sales turnover growth from various measures of KM strategies. We distinguish between KM input, throughput and(More)
Why should individuals that have exited their firm consider re-entering into entrepreneurship, i.e. become renascent entrepreneurs? According to the logic of economic models of firm dynamics there is no reason to re-enter into entrepreneurship following firm failure. In contrast, research on nascent entrepreneurship has shown the positive effect of(More)
Past research suggests a negative effect of family orientation on innovation performance. However, many past studies have certain limitations that this study is designed to overcome. In particular, this study estimates lagged effects of family orientation on innovation performance while controlling for organization context variables and the mediating effect(More)
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In this paper, a two-node superelement description is proposed for use in multibody models which is capable of modelling flexible complex-shaped beam-like components. Assuming that the deformations with respect to a co-rotational frame remain small, substructuring methods may be used to obtain a dynamical model with reduced mass and stiffness matrices from(More)
Modern surgical procedures involve flexible instruments for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The implementation of flexible instruments in surgery necessitates high motion and force fidelity, and good controllability of the tip. However, the positional accuracy and the force transmission of these instruments are jeopardized by the friction and(More)
A beam finite element formulation for large deflection problems in the analysis of flexible multibody systems has been proposed. In this formulation, a set of independent deformation modes are defined for each element that do not change if the element is subjected to rigid body motions. The paper examines the applicability of this deformation mode(More)