Joris Maervoet

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The present article introduces the outdoor activity tour suggestion problem (OATSP). This problem involves finding a closed path of maximal attractiveness in a transportation network graph, given a target path length and tolerance. Total path attractiveness is evaluated as the sum of the average arc attractiveness and the sum of the vertex prizes in the(More)
This paper discusses a case study in which the aim is to discover regularities and anomalies in large databases containing geographic data, to improve and maintain the overall data quality. The application of Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) and descriptive ILP in particular to this case is discussed and motivated. In an experiment on real-world data, a(More)
Geographical information systems are commonly used for a variety of purposes. Many of them make use of a large database of geographical data, the correctness of which strongly influences the reliability of the system. In this paper, we present an approach to quality maintenance that is based on automatic discovery of non-perfect regularities in the data.(More)
• As surrogate outcomes are often considered the primary endpoint(s) in oncology trials, these RCTs may not be powered and/or patients may not be followed-up long enough to allow detection of OS gains. While this approach may have been agreed upon with regulatory agencies as a requirement to obtain marketing authorisation, healthcare payers usually tend to(More)
The reach of an arc in a network can intuitively be described as an indication of the maximum length of the shortest paths of the digraph that pass through this arc. This concept captures the natural hierarchy of any type of network, in an accurate and comprehensive manner. Traditional reach approximation algorithms compute upper bounds to these reaches and(More)
This demonstration paper presents a mobile tourist decision support system that suggests personal trips, tailored to the user’s interests and context. The system enables planning a customised trip that maximises the interest of the tourist, while taking the opening hours of the points of interest and the available time into account. The planning problem is(More)