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In this paper, we present work on learning analytics that aims to support learners and teachers through dashboard applications, ranging from small mobile applications to learnscapes on large public displays. Dashboards typically capture and visualize traces of learning activities, in order to promote awareness, reflection, and sense-making, and to enable(More)
This paper investigates basic research issues that need to be addressed in order to reuse learning objects in a flexible way. We propose an ontology based approach. Our ontology for learning objects defines content structures and relationships between their components. A conceptual framework for structuring learning objects and their components is(More)
Reusing digital resources for learning has been a goal for several decades, driven by potential time savings and quality enhancements. Although the rapid development of Web-based learning has increased opportunities for reuse significantly, managing learning objects and making them accessible still entails many challenges. This article presents and analyzes(More)
The challenge of finding appropriate learning objects is one of the bottlenecks for end users in Learning Object Repositories (LORs). This paper investigates usability problems of search tools for learning objects. We present findings and recommendations of an iterative usability study conducted to examine the usability of a search tool used to find(More)
In this paper, we present the findings from a field study that quantifies the different engagement phases of an interactive public display: from noticing interactivity and the first reaction to it, to actually interacting with the screen and expressing interest in a campaign. For this purpose, we developed an interactive public display for a real-life(More)
Exploring and managing the abundance of data that Learning Analytics generate is a challenge for both teachers and students. This paper introduces a Learning Dashboard that provides an overview, context and content of learner traces to help students with awareness of feedback and progress, and assist teachers with monitoring student effort and outcomes to(More)
Targeted follow-up meetings in general practice are important and missed often, because of both patient and general practitioners (GPs) related reasons. In this paper, we present a proof-of-concept interactive visualization dashboard that provides GPs with a powerful, yet easy to use method to identify those patients in need of follow-up. We applied a user(More)
The adequate emotional state of students has proved to be essential for favoring learning. This paper explores the possibility of obtaining students' feedback about the emotions they feel in class in order to discover potential emotion patterns that might indicate learning fails. This paper presents a visual dashboard that allows students to track their(More)
This paper introduces LARAe (Learning Analytics Reflection & Awareness environment), a teacher-oriented dashboard that visualizes learning traces from students, badges and course content. We also present an evaluation of the dashboard in a course on Human-Computer Interaction. The LARAe teacher dashboard provides a detailed overview of group and individual(More)