Jorgen S. Hansen

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CONTEXT Coating products are widely used for making surfaces water and dirt repellent. However, on several occasions the use of these products has been associated with lung toxicity. OBJECTIVE In the present study, we evaluated the toxic effects of an aerosolized tile-coating product. METHODS Thirty-nine persons, who reported respiratory and systemic(More)
Cluster storage systems where storage devices are distributed across a large number of nodes are able to reduce the I/O bottleneck problems present in most centralized storage systems. However, such distributed storage devices are hard to manage efficiently. In this paper, we examine the use of explicit, component-based (command and data) paths between(More)
Efficient memory allocation and data transfer for cluster-based data-intensive applications is a difficult task. Both changes in cluster interconnects and application workloads usually require timing of the application and network code. We propose separating control and data transfer traffic by accessing data through a DSM-like cluster-wide shared buffer(More)
The use of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) is increasing due to a growing use in a variety of products across several industries. Thus, occupational exposure is also of increasing concern, particularly since airway exposure to MWCNTs can induce sustained pulmonary acute phase response and inflammation in experimental animals, which may affect female(More)