Jorgen P. Bansler

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We review Structured Analysis as presented by Yourdon and DeMarco. First, we examine the implicit assumptions embodied in the method about the nature of organizations, work processes, and design. Following this we present the results of an exploratory study, conducted to find out how the method is applied in practice. This study reveals that while some of(More)
Understanding how people in organizations appropriate and adapt groupware technologies to local contexts of use is a key issue for CSCW research, since it is critical to the success of these technologies. In this paper, we argue that the appropriation and adaptation of groupware and other types of advanced CSCW technologies is basically a problem of(More)
1 We define an intranet in the following way: (1) An intranet is a network based on the Internet protocol suite TCP/IP. It is thus capable of running common internet applications such as World Wide Web and MS NetMeeting. (2) It is a private network, owned by the organization that it serves and only accessible by permission. In general, all members of the(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aims to explore the issues and challenges involved in designing and organizing pilot implementations of health information systems (HIS). Pilot implementations are a widely used approach for identifying design flaws and implementation issues before full-scale deployment of new HIS. However, it is not uncommon for pilot implementations(More)
This study focuses on knowledge sharing in large, complex organizations. The study examines the introduction and use of a Web-based system designed to facilitate the circulating of best practices among middle managers in a multi-national pharmaceutical company. Despite strong commitment from senior management and several attempts to redesign and reinvent(More)