Jorgen Lous

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OBJECTIVES To investigate the impact of general health screenings and discussions with general practitioners on the cardiovascular risk profile of a random population of patients. STUDY DESIGN A population-based, randomized, controlled, 5-year follow-up trial conducted in a primary care setting. POPULATION The study group consisted of 2000 patients,(More)
The results concerning exercise habits from four Danish health investigations among school pupils in the sixth and eight forms in the Municipality of Frederiksberg, adults aged 20-65 years in the County of Vejle and in Glostrup and the surrounding district and persons aged 70-75 years in the County of Roskilde, respectively, are compared. 70-80% of the(More)
The use MEDLINE and related resources of literature information has increased significantly with the increased availability and speed of the Internet. However, literature information is presented in many different ways via the Internet and search facilities and web addresses are frequently changed. Many physicians and medical researchers find it difficult(More)
The availability of full text medical journal articles is rapidly increasing with the increased availability of the Internet. The potentials of the new technology present researchers, publishers, and librarians with new problems and challenges. Some resources are made available free of charge, whereas others are distributed as parts of large licences(More)
A community cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention programme was undertaken in 1989 in a Danish County (Vejle). A random sample of 5192 adults were asked to complete a mailed questionnaire on knowledge, attitudes, and behaviour in relation to CVD risk factors. The response rate was 56%. The questionnaire produced baseline data for programme planning and(More)
In 1992 plasma methylmalonic acid (MMA) was introduced in Denmark for diagnosing vitamin B-12 deficiency. Now, 10 years later, we report on a health technology assessment (HTA) suggesting that the clinical usefulness of MMA is uncertain. MMA is an obvious component for measurement in the diagnosis of vitamin B-12 deficiency because MMA accumulates when(More)