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This study describes a new methodology for delivering cultured autologous keratinocytes to wounds on a sterile medical grade polymer coated with a chemically defined plasma polymerised functional surface containing 20% carboxylic acid (referred to as PPS). Seven patients (two acute major burns and five chronic non-healing wounds) were treated with(More)
Pneumonia is a frequent complication of the remittent (or so-called remittent) fever that has been 30 prevalent since the cold season of 1869-70 at Kohat, Bunnoo, and various other parts of the Punjab. It 'would be irrelevant here to discuss the nature of the fever, or the grounds upon which the generally received opinion as to the secondary nature of the(More)
We report the first patient with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in whom molluscum contagiosum and Cryptococcus neoformans were documented in the same cutaneous lesion. While cases of the co-occurrence of two pathologic entities in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome have been reported, namely cytomegalovirus with herpes simplex virus and(More)
Strongyloides spp. are intestinal parasites that affect several animal species. Four species of the genus have been reported in domestic cats: S. felis, S. planiceps, S.stercoralis and S. tumefaciens. Reports describing infection by these nematodes in domestic cats in Brazil are scarce. This study aimed to describe the pathological features of Strongyloides(More)
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