Jorge Zavala-Hidalgo

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[1] The annual cycle of the surface salinity field in the eastern Gulf of Mexico (GoM) basin is investigated with a numerical model and observational data. A tongue of low salinity water is evident in the model climatology spreading southward from the Mississippi Alabama Florida (MAFLA) shelf and De Soto Canyon in the summer. The model salinity climatology(More)
This work describes OWGIS, an open source Java web application that creates Web GIS sites by automatically writing HTML and JavaScript code. OWGIS is configured by XML files that define which layers (geographic datasets) will be displayed on the websites. This project uses several Open Geospatial Consortium standards to request data from typical map(More)
OWGIS version 2.0 is an open source Java and JavaScript application that builds easily configurable Web GIS sites for desktop and mobile devices. This version of OWGIS generates mobile interfaces based on HTML5 technology and can be used to create mobile applications. The style of the generated websites is modified using COMPASS, a well known CSS Authoring(More)
The wide range of ecological goods and services provided by tropical coastal lagoons and wetlands are under considerable pressure due to the synergistic effects of local anthropogenic impact and global climate change. In transitional waters, salinity is a key driver of ecological processes mostly depending on the balance between marine and river inputs, a(More)
Numerical high-resolution numerical simulations of the Gulf of Mexico using the Navy Coastal Ocean Model are used to examine the life cycle of Loop Current system including its shed eddies. In particular, the interaction of the anticyclonic Loop Current Eddies with bottom topography is investigated. These energetic baroclinic anticyclonic eddies have depth(More)
Abstract. In this work, we used a nonlinear, reduced gravity model of the Gulf of Mexico to study the effect of a seasonal variation of the reduced gravity parameter on ring-shedding behaviour. When small amplitudes of the seasonal variation are used, the distributions of ring-shedding periods are bi-modal. When the amplitude of the seasonal variation is(More)
Economic losses as a result of natural hazards have been rising over the past few decades due to socio-ecopqoke"fgxgnqrogpv"cpf"rgtjcru"enkocvg"ejcpig0"Vjku"wryctfu"vtgpf"ku"rtqlgevgf"vq"eqpvkpwg."jkijnkijvkpi" the need for adequate adaptation strategies. This raises the question of how to determine which adaptation strategies are preferred to cope with(More)
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