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The brWaC Corpus: A New Open Resource for Brazilian Portuguese
In this work, we present the construction process of a large Web corpus for Brazilian Portuguese, aiming to achieve a size comparable to the state of the art in other languages. We also discuss ourExpand
VirtualDesk: A Comfortable and Efficient Immersive Information Visualization Approach
This work implements and evaluates an alternative data exploration metaphor where the user remains seated and viewpoint change is only realisable through physical movements, and demonstrates that the prototype setup, named VirtualDesk, presents excellent results regarding user comfort and immersion, and performs equally or better in all analytical tasks. Expand
Immersive Visualization of Abstract Information: An Evaluation on Dimensionally-Reduced Data Scatterplots
The immersive condition, however, was found to require less effort to find information and less navigation, besides providing much larger subjective perception of accuracy and engagement, resulting in overall performance benefits in both desktop and HMD-based 3D techniques. Expand
Immersive Analytics of Dimensionally-Reduced Data Scatterplots
In this work, we evaluate the use of an HMD-based Immersive Analytics approach to explore multidimensional data. Our main hypothesis is that the benefits obtained, such as a more natural interactionExpand
Evaluating an Immersive Space-Time Cube Geovisualization for Intuitive Trajectory Data Exploration
The immersive version of the Space-Time Cube received higher usability scores, much higher user preference, and was rated to have a lower mental workload, without causing participants discomfort in 25-minute-long VR sessions. Expand
Crawling by Readability Level
A framework for automatic generation of large corpora classified by readability is proposed, which adopts a supervised learning method to incorporate a readability filter based in features with low computational cost to a crawler, to collect texts targeted at a specific reading level. Expand
Comfortable Immersive Analytics With the VirtualDesk Metaphor
The VirtualDesk metaphor is an opportunity for more comfortable and efficient immersive data exploration, using tangible interaction with the analyst's physical work desk and embodied manipulation ofExpand
Automatic Construction of Large Readability Corpora
A framework for the automatic construction of large Web corpora classified by readability level is presented, including 1.7 million documents and about 1.6 billion tokens, already parsed and annotated with 134 different textual attributes, along with the agreement among the various classifiers. Expand
Comparing and Combining Virtual Hand and Virtual Ray Pointer Interactions for Data Manipulation in Immersive Analytics
In this work, we evaluate two standard interaction techniques for Immersive Analytics environments: virtual hands, with actions such as grabbing and stretching, and virtual ray pointers, with actionsExpand