Jorge Villegas

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BACKGROUND Tobacco cessation among Latinos is a public health priority in the United States, particularly given the relatively high growth of this population segment. Although a substantial percentage of American Latinos use the Internet, they have not engaged in Web-based cessation programs as readily as other racial/ethnic subgroups. A lack of culturally(More)
The purpose of this study was to understand the effect that individual characteristics have on consumer advertising processing under high- and low-interactivity circumstances on the Web. Tests on the relationship between individual differences and advertising responses form the basis of this empirical study on the Web. The results indicated that consumers(More)
Unlike previous emotional studies using functional neuroimaging that have focused on either locating discrete emotions in the brain or linking emotional response to an external behavior, this study investigated brain regions in order to validate a three-dimensional construct--namely pleasure, arousal, and dominance (PAD) of emotion induced by marketing(More)
Statistical Process Control (SPC) has become of great significance for software engineering organizations as more of them decide to implement quality improvement initiatives. The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI-DEV 1.3) for example, proposes the use of statistical techniques at maturity level 4 to ensure some degree of process predictability.(More)
BACKGROUND En-bloc transplantation is a surgical procedure in which multiple organs are transplanted simultaneously. It has some similarities with multi-organ transplantation but offers certain advantages. This report highlights the experience of our interdisciplinary group regarding the treatment and follow-up of patients who received en-bloc(More)
INTRODUCTION Liver angiosarcoma is a very uncommon tumour of mesenchymal origin, representing between 0.1-2% of all primary tumours of the liver, affecting mainly men in their sixth or seventh decade of life, with a high mortality in the first years (Chaudhary et al., 2015). Literature reports of its surgical treatment vary from a total or partial(More)
INTRODUCTION One of the frequent complications suffered by patients with chronic renal failure is the lack of vascular access due to venous thrombosis. This means that the transplant surgeon must have a detailed knowledge of the intra-abdominal venous system, and other alternative surgeries, at the time of performing the renal graft implant, in order to(More)
Liver transplantation is an option that improves quality of life and prolongs life expectancy in patients with different types of liver disease. Liver transplantation is controversial for colorectal metastases and is not recommended in clinical practice guidelines. In this case report, we present, to our knowledge, the first liver transplantation for(More)
To my parents, DukSoon Choi and MiOk Kim iv ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The successful completion of this study could not have been realized without the assistance of some important people. First of all, I am sincerely grateful to my chair, Dr. Michael Weigold, for his support and guidance in carrying out this thesis. I am also thankful to Dr. Chang-Hoan Cho and Dr.(More)
The role of the amino acid glutamate in neuronal-glial signalling is becoming increasingly recognised in both vertebrate and invertebrate nervous systems (Barres, 1989). Although the ability of glutamate to depolarize cultured astrocytes has been known for some time (Bowman and Kimelberg, 1984; Kettenmann and Schachner, 1985), there has been a debate over(More)