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Analytic study of small scale structure on cosmic strings
The properties of string networks at scales well below the horizon are poorly understood, but they enter critically into many observables. We argue that in some regimes, stretching will be the only
Scaling solution for small cosmic string loops.
This work solves the equation governing the time evolution of the number density of loops in a cosmic string network with the inclusion of the gravitational radiation effect, which causes the loops to shrink (and eventually decay) as time elapses.
Evaporation of large black holes in AdS: coupling to the evaporon
Large black holes in an asymptotically AdS spacetime have a dual de- scription in terms of approximately thermal states in the boundary CFT. The reect- ing boundary conditions of AdS prevent such
Integrability of Five Dimensional Minimal Supergravity and Charged Rotating Black Holes
We explore the integrability of five-dimensional minimal supergravity in the presence of three commuting Killing vectors. We argue that to see the integrability structure of the theory one
Greybody factors for rotating black holes in higher dimensions
We perform a thorough study of greybody factors for minimally-coupled scalar fields propagating on the background of rotating black holes (BHs) in higher (odd) dimensions with all angular momenta set
Cosmic string structure at the gravitational radiation scale
We use our model of the small scale structure on cosmic strings to develop further the result of Siemens, Olum, and Vilenkin that the gravitational radiation length scale on cosmic strings is smaller
Greybody factors for nonminimally coupled scalar fields in Schwarzschild–de Sitter spacetime
We compute the greybody factors for non-minimally coupled scalar fields in four-dimensional Schwarzschild-de Sitter spacetime. In particular, we demonstrate that the zero-angular-momentum greybody
Cosmic String Loops, Large and Small
We extend our earlier model of the small-scale structure of cosmic string networks through an improved treatment of the separation of long and short scales. We find that the production of small loops
Dynamical black holes in low-energy string theory
A bstractWe investigate time-dependent spherically symmetric solutions of the four-dimensional Einstein-Maxwell-axion-dilaton system, with the dilaton coupling that occurs in low-energy effective
Evaporation of large black holes in AdS
The AdS/CFT correspondence offers a new perspective on the long-standing black hole information paradox. However, to be able to use the available gauge/gravity machinery one is forced to consider