Jorge V. de la Cruz

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The geographic co-ordinates of the locations where germplasm accessions have been collected are usually documented in genebank databases. However, the co-ordinate data are often incomplete and may contain errors. This paper describes procedures to check for errors, to determine the cause of these errors and to assign new co-ordinates, using Geographical(More)
This paper presents a more comprehensive approach for the design of single-bit single-loop sigma-delta modulators, either in continuous or discrete-time domain. The approach is based on SNR and MSA data graphics generated for second-, third- and fourth-order modulators. The simulated data is obtained within a Matlab/Simulink® environment and is valid(More)
This paper reports the system-level design of a reconfigurable continuous-time sigma-delta modulator that is capable to perform the analog-to-digital conversion for GSM, LTE5 and WLAN wireless standards. The modulator architecture consists of a third-order loop filter using feed-forward summation topology and a 4-bit internal quantizer. The modulator(More)
This paper presents a CMOS PTAT current reference circuit which is robust against process and supply voltage variations over a wide voltage and temperature range, i.e. from 0.9 V to 2.5 V and from -40◦C to 125◦C, respectively. Two implementations of the same circuit were designed for comparison: the first one uses core transistors (1.1 V), while the second(More)
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