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Accessibility is one of the key challenges that the Internet must currently face to guarantee universal inclusion. Accessible Web design requires knowledge and experience from the designer, who can be assisted by the use of broadly accepted guidelines. Nevertheless, guideline application may not be obvious, and many designers may lack experience to use(More)
A heteroxylan was isolated from Eucalyptus globulus wood by extraction of peracetic acid delignified holocellulose with dimethyl sulfoxide. Besides (1-->4)-linked beta-D-xylopyranosyl units of the backbone and short side chains of terminal (1-->2)-linked 4-O-methyl-alpha-D-glucuronosyl residues (MeGlcA) in a 1:10 molar ratio, this hemicellulose contained(More)
OBJECTIVE Controlled studies have shown deliberate self-harm to be more common in abused populations, but no controlled studies have shown abuse to be more common in self-harming populations. This is the first controlled study to determine whether abuse experiences (sexual, physical, and psychological) occurred more commonly in women who take overdoses than(More)
Hybrid living-artificial neural networks are an efficient and adaptable experimental support to explore the dynamics and the adaptation process of biological neural systems. We present in this paper an innovative platform performing a real-time closed-loop between a cultured neural network and an artificial processing unit like a robotic interface. The(More)
BACKGROUND The data available on hospital admissions related to influenza mostly concern in-patients admitted via the emergency department. Severe cases have been collated by intensive care practitioners since 2009. For this survey, we searched French hospital admission databases to estimate the prevalence rate of hospital admissions related to influenza(More)