Jorge Tejedor

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In this paper we introduce the idea of using a reliability measure associated to the predictions made by recommender systems based on collaborative filtering. This reliability measure is based on the usual notion that the more reliable a prediction, the less liable to be wrong. Here we will define a general reliability measure suitable for any arbitrary(More)
The safety of a railway network is a very important issue considered very labour-intensive. Authors have developed different approaches in order to detect automatically the safety for mid-small railway networks. Although these approaches are very simple to implement, they have the drawback of being unsuitable to large networks since the algorithm takes(More)
In the field of Transition P systems implementation, it has been determined that it is very important to determine in advance how long takes evolution rules application in membranes. Moreover, to have time estimations of rules application in membranes makes possible to take important decisions related to hardware / software architectures design. The work(More)
  • Krassimir Markov, Vitalii Velychko, Lius Fernando, Mingo Lopez, Juan Casellanos, Miguel Angel Peña +3 others
  • 2010
This book maintains articles on actual problems of research and application of information technologies, especially the new approaches, models, algorithms and methods of membrane computing and transition P systems; decision support systems; discrete mathematics; problems of the interdisciplinary knowledge domain including informatics, computer science,(More)
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