Jorge Soares

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AIMS To investigate the prognostic value of recently proposed flow cytometric S-phase fraction (SPF) variables (average SPF and SPF tertiles) compared with conventional SPF, and to compare the one with the best predictive value with the immunohistochemical Ki-67 index in breast carcinoma. METHODS A short term follow up study (median, 39.6 months) of a(More)
Basal cell adenocarcinoma of salivary glands is an uncommon and recently described entity occurring almost exclusively at the major salivary glands. This report provides an overview of the clinicopathologic profile of this neoplasm by including the personal experience on the clinical features, microscopic and ultrastructural characteristics, proliferation(More)
A series of 82 consecutive cases of mucinous carcinomas of the female breast was investigated for their clinical, morphological, and histochemical features and for the influence of some tumor characteristics on its prognosis. Two groups, a "pure" subtype (n = 58) and a "mixed" subtype (n = 24), were considered, according to the absence or the presence of(More)
AIM Muscular strength is one of the most important components of sport, both for high performance and for injury prevention. One of the most used methods to assess strength muscle balance between dominant (D)/non-dominant (ND) and antagonist/agonist is isokinetic testing. The main purpose of the present study was to describe and to compare isokinetic(More)
AIMS To evaluate the clinicopathological profile of 14 cases of nasal and paranasal sinusal adenocarcinoma, and to assess the usefulness of immunohistochemistry in the differential diagnosis of primary and metastatic intestinal-type adenocarcinoma. METHODS AND RESULTS Fourteen cases of nasal and paranasal adenocarcinoma, treated at IPOFG, Lisbon, between(More)
Twenty-two cases of epithelial-myoepithelial carcinoma of major and minor salivary glands were studied retrospectively to define the clinico-pathological profile and to assess the value of DNA ploidy as a prognostic tool. Fifty-nine percent of the cases occurred in the major salivary glands, the patients being mostly females in their 5th to 8th decades. The(More)
During a 30-year period 24 epithelial salivary gland tumors were diagnosed in children and adolescents less than 18 years of age. The cases were retrieved from a series of 759 consecutive cases of salivary gland tumors (3.2%) from the area corresponding to southern Portugal during the same period of time. The mean age of the patients was 13.4 years, and one(More)
BACKGROUND Endoscopic diagnosis of short segments of Barrett's epithelium (SSBE)' is difficult and its meaning in terms of the presence of specialised columnar epithelium (SCE) has not been prospectively evaluated. AIMS To evaluate the prevalence of SCE in patients with an endoscopic diagnosis of SSBE and in individuals with normal appearing(More)
OBJECTIVE Previous studies have demonstrated a link between Helicobacter pylori infection and low grade B-cell gastric MALT lymphoma. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of Helicobacter pylori eradication in 17 patients with low grade B-cell gastric MALT lymphoma stage EI. METHODS For disease staging EUS and CT scan were systematically(More)
BACKGROUND The global DNA methylation of 136 breast lesions (117 primary invasive carcinomas, 5 benign phyllodes tumors, 11 fibroadenomas, and 3 sclerosing adenosis) and their respective adjacent parenchyma was analyzed using an in vitro enzyme assay. METHODS In the group of patients with breast carcinoma, DNA hypomethylation was correlated with clinical(More)