Jorge S Nihei

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The role of natural killer (NK) T cells in the development of lupus-like disease in mice is still controversial. We treated NZB/W mice with anti-NK1.1 monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and our results(More)
Most inbred strains of mice, like the BALB/c strain, are susceptible to Leishmania amazonensis infections and resistant to Leishmania braziliensis infections. This parasite-related difference could(More)
CBA/J mice are resistant to Leishmania major and susceptible to Leishmania amazonensis. Early events determine infection outcome. Until now, PIV (in vitro priming) immune response to L. amazonensis(More)
Intra-thoracic antigenic challenge (ovalbumin, 12.5 microg/cavity) led to increased numbers of gammadelta T lymphocytes in pleural cavities, blood and thoracic lymph nodes in sensitized mice within(More)
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