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Symptomatology of Infestation by Hypogeococcus pungens: Contrasts between Host Species
The morphology of the galls produced by HCM on seven host cactus species occurring in Puerto Rico is described. Expand
Crop domestication: anthropogenic effects on insect-plant interactions in agroecosystems.
It is called for more study on how eco-evolutionary processes operate under domestication to provide new insight on the sustainability of species interactions within agroecosystems. Expand
Natural History Notes for the Columnar, Globular and Semi-Epiphytic Cactus Species of the Island of Puerto Rico
Habitat preferences for each cactus species are identified; the incidence of fires and the invasion of grasses in these habitats are recorded; and different threats to the Puerto Rican native cacti and dry forests are identified. Expand
The effects of the invasive Harrisia cactus mealybug (Hypogeococcus sp.) and exotic lianas (Jasminum fluminense) on Puerto Rican native cacti survival and reproduction
This study demonstrates that HCM species found in Puerto Rican dry forests could potentially decrease the biodiversity of these cacti in their native habitats. Expand
Effects of fire on native columnar and globular cacti of Puerto Rico: a case study of El Faro, Cabo Rojo
Because extensive tissue damage and environmental alterations were observed during the post-fire survey, it is argued there will be significant delayed mortality and that the mortality estimates presented here are conservative. Expand
Contrasting Effects of the Invasive Hypogeococcus sp. (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) Infestation on Seed Germination of Pilosocereus royenii (Cactaceae), a Puerto Rican Native Cactus
It is suggested that when the HCM infestation is light, the host might be reallocating resources towards developing defensive responses, in contrast, when the infested plant is severe, the hosts might beReallocated resources toward increasing germination. Expand