Jorge Rodríguez-Asomoza

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In this paper we propose an approach to detect microcalcifications in digital mammograms using the dual-tree complex wavelet transform (DT-CWT). The approach follows four basic strategies, namely, image denoising, band suppression, morphological transformation and inverse complex wavelet transform. Recently, the DT-CWT has shown a good performance in(More)
The design and construction of two Metamaterial (MTM) directional filters (DF) for multiplexing applications at 900 MHz is presented. The four-port filters are realized using composite-right-left-handed (CRLH) closed-loop resonators, which present small dimensions and suppression of harmonic resonances due to the zeroth-order resonance produced by MTM's.(More)
— In this paper an approach to detect smoke columns from outdoor forest video sequences is proposed. The approach follows three basic steps. The first step is an image pre-processing block which resizes the image by applying a bicubic interpolation algorithm. The image is then transformed to its intensity values with a gray-scale transformation and finally(More)
This paper presents a wavelet-neural network based on the L 1-norm minimisation for learning chaotic time series. The proposed approach, which is based on multi-resolution analysis, uses wavelets as activation functions in the hidden layer of the wavelet-network. We propose using the L 1-norm, as opposed to the L 2-norm, due to the well-known fact that the(More)
For the first time, we demonstrate the implementation of a core pumped few mode erbium amplifier utilizing a mode selective photonic lantern for spatial modal control of the pump light. This device is able to individually amplify the first six fiber modes with low differential modal gain. In addition, we obtained differential modal gain lower than 1 dB and(More)