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The rapid disruption of tropical forests probably imperils global biodiversity more than any other contemporary phenomenon. With deforestation advancing quickly, protected areas are increasingly becoming final refuges for threatened species and natural ecosystem processes. However, many protected areas in the tropics are themselves vulnerable to human(More)
—In this paper, a controller for induction motors is proposed. A continuous feedback is first applied to obtain a discrete-time model in closed form. Then, on the basis of these exact sampled dynamics, a discrete-time controller ensuring speed and flux modulus reference tracking is determined, making use of the sliding mode technique. The resulting(More)
This work deals with a sliding mode control scheme for discrete time nonlinear systems. The control law synthesis problem is subdivided into a finite number of subproblems of lower complexity, which can be solved independently. The sliding mode controller is designed to force the system to track a desired reference and to eliminate unwanted disturbances,(More)
BACKGROUND Onchocerciasis is a leading cause of blindness worldwide, hence elimination of the infection is an important health priority. Community-based treatment programs with ivermectin form the basis of control programs for the disease in Latin America. The long-term administration of ivermectin could eliminate Onchocerca volvulus infection from endemic(More)
—Various robust control techniques, such as integral-block, sliding-mode, and H-infinity controls, are combined to design a controller, forcing an electrohydraulic actuator which is driven by a servovalve to track a chaotic reference trajectory. This approach enables one to compensate the inherent nonlinearities of the actuator and reject matched external(More)