Jorge Ricardo Souza de Oliveira

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Replacement of wheat flour by other kinds of flour in bread making is economically important in South East Africa as wheat is mainly an imported commodity. Cassava is widely available in the region, but bread quality is impaired when large amounts of cassava are used in the bread formulation. Effect of differently processed cassavas (sun-dried, roasted and(More)
This paper presents the process management strategies for the N ´ O// (reads parallel node) project, which aims to develop a high performance, low cost, multicomputer and a concurrent programming environment for it. Nó// operating system has been conceived under a client/server philosophy, so the nucleus functionality restrains to support client and server(More)
Dynamical behavior of some electronic circuits involves signals with widely separated rates of variation. Numerical solution of ordinary differential systems describing such circuits may be achieved in an efficient way using multi-rate methods, which use different step sizes for each subsystem. In this paper we will test the performance of two multi-rate(More)
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