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Parallel perceptrons (PPs) are very simple and efficient committee machines (a single layer of perceptrons with threshold activation functions and binary outputs, and a majority voting decision scheme), which nevertheless behave as universal approximators. The parallel delta (P-Delta) rule is an effective training algorithm, which, following the ideas of(More)
The Direct Kernel Perceptron (DKP) (Fernández-Delgado et al., 2010) is a very simple and fast kernel-based classifier, related to the Support Vector Machine (SVM) and to the Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) (Huang, Wang, & Lan, 2011), whose α-coefficients are calculated directly, without any iterative training, using an analytical closed-form expression which(More)
In Group Decision Making based on argumentation, decisions are made considering the diverse points of view of the different partakers in order to decide which course of action a group should follow. However, knowledge and belief are normally incomplete, contradictory, or error sensitive, being desirable to use formal tools to deal with the problems that(More)
BACKGROUND Although several histopathological and clinical features of canine mammary gland tumours have been widely studied from a prognostic standpoint, considerable variations in tumour individual biologic behaviour difficult the definition of accurate prognostic factors. It has been suggested that the malignant behaviour of tumours is the end result of(More)
Organizations are constantly facing new challenges that require increasing response and adaptation capabilities. Seeking for agility and flexibility, companies have found in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) an alternative to integrate legacy systems with emerging technologies and put back the focus on the business by aligning processes and technology. In(More)
Over the recent years, bitumen modification with polymers, acids, or mineral fillers has gained relevance to adjust its performance properties. This work reports the use of polyphosphoric acid (PPA) for the modification of formulated bitumen. With this objective, an in-depth literature review on PPA modification was firstly performed. Subsequently, five(More)