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Recent advances in mobile robotic technology has given rise to new types of robotic applications called personal robotics. The main feature of these applications is that they require low cost robots that involve assisting people in doing their everyday jobs such as providing personal assistance, commercial security, mobile tele-conferencing, tele-presence,(More)
Visceral angioedema is a rare complication of therapy with angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors. Clinical presentation includes nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Early detection of this entity can prevent recurrent episodes and unnecessary invasive procedures, including surgery. This article describes a 46-year-old-woman who presented(More)
A previously healthy 77-year-old woman presented with a 2-month history of anorexia, fever, and weight loss. On physical examination, she had diminished breath sounds in the lower two-thirds of the left hemithorax; her chest radiograph revealed a left pleural effusion (●" Fig.1). Laboratory work-up showed a hemoglobin of 9.6g/dL, C-reactive protein (CRP) of(More)
Benign bile duct strictures are commonly caused by stones, bile duct injury, sclerosing cholangitis, chronic pancreatitis, and congenital abnormalities. Bile duct changes caused by portal hypertension represent another group of uncommon causes of benign stricture. The earliest evidence of portal biliopathy was described by Hunt in 1965. Portal cavernoma(More)
F 72 2014 Chronic diarrhea; abdominal discomfort 6 months Normocytic anemia; hypoK; hypoAlb Clinical remission 3 months Yes features and share our small case-series experience (Table 1). Curiously, in both cases symptoms developed long (fourteen and ten months, respectively) after starting therapy. This has rarely been addressed and may difficult the(More)
Actinomycosis is a rare but easily curable infection that should be considered in the differential diagnosis of perianal fistulizing disease. We present the case of a 26-year-old woman with complex perianal fistulae, including trans-sphincteric and suprasphincteric fistulous tracts and a rectovaginal fistula, requiring multiple abscess drainages, seton(More)