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This paper contains both a survey of mode change protocols for single-processor, fixed-priority, preemptively scheduled real-time systems, and a proposal of several new protocols along with their corresponding schedulability analysis and configuration methods. First, a classification of the protocols found in the literature is given and a set of(More)
Dynamic storage allocation (DSA) algorithms play an important role in the modern software engineering paradigms and techniques (such as object oriented programming). Using DSA increases the flexibility and functionalities of applications. There exists a large number of references to this particular issue in the literature. However, the use of DSA has been(More)
This paper describes the design criteria and implementation details of a dynamic storage allocator for real-time systems. The main requirements that have to be considered when designing a new allocator are concerned with temporal and spatial constraints. The proposed algorithm, called TLSF (two-level segregated fit), has an asymptotic constant cost, O(1),(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this study was to assess the rate of discrepancies in medication reconciliation on admission patients in a trauma unit, and identifying potential risk factors associated with these discrepancies. MATERIAL AND METHODS A cross-sectional, observational study was carried out to identify reconciliation errors in a tertiary hospital(More)