Jorge Proença

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The Pulse Transit Time (PTT) is generally assumed to be a good surrogate measure to comfortably track blood pressure (BP) and blood pressure changes. This paper investigates PTT variations for healthy young subjects during a sequence of short-term physical exercises. PTT was measured by two different methodologies having different measurement accuracies as(More)
In this paper, we describe the " Query by Example Search on Speech Task " (QUESST), held as part of the MediaEval 2015 evaluation campaign. As in previous years, the proposed task requires performing language-independent audio search in a low resource scenario. This year, the task has been designed to get as close as possible to a practical use case(More)
This document briefly describes the system submitted by the Speech Processing Lab of Instituto de Telecomunicações, pole of Coimbra (SPLIT) to the Query by Example Search on Speech Task (QUESST) of MediaEval 2014. Our approach is based on merging results of a phoneme recognition system using three different languages. A version of Dynamic Time Warping (DTW)(More)
This study presents an approach to the task of automatically classifying and detecting speaking styles. The detection of speaking styles is useful for the segmentation of multimedia data into consistent parts and has important applications , such as identifying speech segments to train acoustic models for speech recognition. In this work the database(More)
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) technology plays an important role in the automation architectures of several critical infrastructures such as Industrial Control Systems (ICS), controlling equipment in contexts such as chemical processes, factory lines, power production plants or power distribution grids, just to mention a few examples. Despite their(More)
This paper presents a distributed intrusion detection system (DIDS) for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) industrial control systems, which was developed for the CockpitCI project. Its architecture was designed to address the specific characteristics and requirements for SCADA cybersecurity that cannot be adequately fulfilled by techniques(More)
With this paper we present a European Portuguese database of hesitations in speech. Under the name of HESITA, this database contains annotations of hesitation events, such as filled pauses, vocalic extensions, truncated words, repetitions and substitutions. The hesitations were found over 30 daily news programs collected from podcasts of a Portuguese(More)
This study attempts to acoustically characterize the most common filled pause vocalizations (or vocalic fillers) in spontaneous speech in European Portuguese: the near-open central vowel [å] and the mid-central vowel [ə]. For this purpose we analyzed the spectral information of the vocalic fillers by estimating their first two formant frequencies as well as(More)