Jorge Pinho de Sousa

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A virtual enterprise (VE) is a temporary organization that pools member enterprises core competencies and exploits fast changing market opportunities Partner selection can be viewed as a multi-criteria decision making problem that involves assessing trade-offs between conflicting tangible and intangible criteria, and stating preferences based on incomplete(More)
This paper describes an order planning system for dynamic supply-chains, addressing the requirements of a make-to-order business environment. A distributed and decentralised information system, based on an architecture of agents and extensively using the internet, was designed and implemented to provide new and more powerful decision support. The system(More)
In this paper we address two major challenges presented by stochastic discrete optimisation problems: the multiobjective nature of the problems, once risk aversion is incorporated, and the frequent difficulties in computing exactly, or even approximately, the objective function. The latter has often been handled with methods involving sample average(More)
Ð'Â Experimental algorithmics, as its name indicates, combines algorithmic work and experimentation: algorithms are not just designed, but also implemented and tested on a variety of instances. Perhaps the most important lesson in this process is that designing an algorithm is but the first step in the process of developing robust and efficient software for(More)