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In this paper, we introduce a novel pictorial approach for solving problems in n-dimensional Euclidean spaces called the n-dimensional projective approach. The pro-jective approach is based on a hierarchical and modular architecture, where its ground module is rooted on geometrical concepts. The result is an effective and consistent spatial approach able to(More)
Our Mathematical Programming Modulo Theories (MPMT) constraint solving framework extends Mathematical Programming technology with techniques from the field of Automated Reasoning, e.g., solvers for first-order theories. In previous work, we used MPMT to synthesize system architectures for Boeing's Dreamliner and we studied the theoretical aspects of MPMT by(More)
— We discuss the design of a proof assistant for the Formal Logic calculus of Natural Deduction based on didactic considerations. We propose to incorporate several features that are not present in the elsewhere available tools, among them the display and edition of derivations as trees, the use of meta-theorems (derived rules) as lemmas, and the possibility(More)
Canarian Black (CB) pigs belong to an autochthonous and endangered breed, which is spread throughout the Canarian archipelago. It is commonly accepted that they represent a relic of the pig populations that were bred by the Berbers in North Africa over millennia. It is important to note that the geographic isolation of the Canary Islands has preserved this(More)