Jorge Pais

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In this paper, we introduce a novel pictorial approach for solving problems in n-dimensional Euclidean spaces called the n-dimensional projective approach. The pro-jective approach is based on a hierarchical and modular architecture, where its ground module is rooted on geometrical concepts. The result is an effective and consistent spatial approach able to(More)
Our Mathematical Programming Modulo Theories (MPMT) constraint solving framework extends Mathematical Programming technology with techniques from the field of Automated Reasoning, e.g., solvers for first-order theories. In previous work, we used MPMT to synthesize system architectures for Boeing's Dreamliner and we studied the theoretical aspects of MPMT by(More)
We consider some issues concerning the role of Formal Logic in Software Engineering education, which lead us to promote the learning of formal proof through extensive, appropriately guided practice. To this end, we propose to adopt Natural Deduction as proof system and to make use of an adequate proof assistant to carry out formal proof on machine. We(More)
In this paper, we describe the n-dimensional projective approach as a hierarchical and modular architecture with a processing mechanism that underlies both spatial back-tracking and multiple physical properties of entities. Also, it is shown in Euclidean space how cognitive activities of an agent are improved in terms of flexibility (e.g. alternative(More)
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