Jorge Pérez Martínez

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Antiviral drugs that act at specific sites within the HIV life cycle have important rationale for development as anti-HIV microbicides. However, to be effective, such drugs must act by directly interfering with viral enzymatic function and eliminate the ability of HIV to mediate infection. Compounds that are developed as microbicides must have high potency,(More)
A committee of six scientific organizations from Argentina developed guidelines for the management of patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP).The objective of this study was to evaluate the level of adherence with the recommended care suggested by the guidelines in patients hospitalized with CAP in Argentina. Using quality indicators the management(More)
Although most Escherichia coli are harmless commensals of the human intestine, certain specific, highly-adapted E. coli strains are capable of causing urinary tract, systemic or enteric/diarrheagenic infection. Diarrheagenic E coli are divided into six distinct categories, or pathotypes, each with a distinct pathogenic scheme (Table 1). Combined,(More)
The universal service in telecommunications is almost unanimously considered as a dynamic concept. The debate over its extension, which shall therefore have a permanent validity, requires its base to be more solid than the one that supports many of the usual positions, which are frequently mere declarations of wishes. Any opinion regarding the opportunity(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic diseases represent a challenge for health systems and the professionals most involved in chronic care. Despite biomedical advances, the results of care for chronic problems are not as good as they should be. OBJECTIVE To find out what doctors and patients think of care for some of the main chronic illnesses; to detect concrete areas of(More)
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