Jorge Oviedo

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Some properties of the set of many-to-one stable matchings for firms that have responsive preferences and quotas are not necessarily true when firms' preferences are substitutable. In particular, we provide examples in which firms have substitutable preferences but firms and workers may be ``single'' in one stable matching and matched in another one. We(More)
We characterize the core many-to-one matchings as fixed points of a map. Our characterization gives an algorithm for finding core allocations; the algorithm is efficient and simple to implement. Our characterization does not require substitutable preferences, so it is separate from the structure needed for the non-emptiness of the core. When preferences are(More)
We study the core of a repeated cooperative game. We de®ne the repeated cooperative game as a repeated game where in each round the agents play a cooperative game. We introduce an imputation sequence and a dominated imputation sequence. We de®ne the core of the repeated game as the set of all undominated imputation sequences. We show that the core of a(More)
 Syringomyelia associated with posterior fossa tumours is a very infrequent combination of pathological entities. The few cases which have been reported generally were asymptomatic in respect of the spinal cavitations. The authors report on a 36-year-old woman with a large extradural posterior fossa epidermoid tumour with a concomitant holocord symptomatic(More)
The paper proposes an algorithm to compute the full set of many-to-many stable matchings when agents have substitutable preferences. The algorithm starts by calculating the two optimal stable matchings using the deferred-acceptance algorithm. Then, it computes each remaining stable matching as the firm-optimal stable matching corresponding to a new(More)
Outdoor carbon monoxide comes mainly from vehicular emissions, and high concentrations occur in areas with heavy traffic congestion. CO binds to hemoglobin, forming carboxyhemoglobin (COHb), and reduces oxygen delivery. We investigated the link between the adverse effects of CO on the respiratory system using COHb as a marker for chronic CO exposure. We(More)
Motor vehicles are a major source of air pollution in Quito, Ecuador; however, little work has been done to characterize spatial and temporal variations in traffic-related pollutants, or to measure pollutants in vehicle emissions. We measured PAH continuously for one year at two residential sites in Quito, and PAH and traffic patterns for one week near a(More)
This study presents the second part of the general results obtained by a qualitative study conducted within the National Health Survey II. The object of this study was to identify main patterns and micro-social determinants which affect the process of selection and utilization of health services in order to propose policies aimed at more equity, quality and(More)