Jorge Ocana Molinero

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The ability to compare two instances of Internet censorship is important because it is the basis for stating what is or is not justified in terms of, for example, international law or human rights. However these comparisons are challenging, even when comparing two instances of the same kind of censorship within the same country. In this position paper, we(More)
The present Spanish concept of a deep geological high level waste repository includes an engineered clay barrier around the canister. The clay presents a very high sorption capability for radionuclides and a very small hydraulic conductivity, so that the migration process of solutes is limited by sorption and diffusion processes. Therefore, diffusion and(More)
Dissolved oxygen (DO) left in the voids of buffer and backfill materials of a deep geological high level radioactive waste (HLW) repository could cause canister corrosion. Available data from laboratory and in situ experiments indicate that microbes play a substantial role in controlling redox conditions near a HLW repository. This paper presents the(More)
Final disposal of high-level radioactive waste in deep repositories located in fractured granite formations is being considered by several countries. The assessment of the safety of such repositories requires using numerical models of groundwater flow, solute transport and chemical processes. These models are being developed from data and knowledge gained(More)
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