Jorge O. Trierweiler

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For the feeding-phase of a batch/fed-batch cultivation of a recombinant Escherichia coli producing extracellular phytase, a controller has been developed. Based on the estimated process variables by a Kalman filter, a feedforward–feedback controller has been implemented in order to maximize the phytase production and to minimize acetate production. The(More)
A novel concept of fast microwave assisted pyrolysis (fMAP) in the presence of microwave absorbents was presented and examined. Wood sawdust and corn stover were pyrolyzed by means of microwave heating and silicon carbide (SiC) as microwave absorbent. The bio-oil was characterized, and the effects of temperature, feedstock loading, particle sizes, and(More)
In this work a computational framework is proposed for the synthesis of flexible and controllable Heat Exchanger Networks. The synthesis is projected to operate over a specified range of expected variations in the inlet temperatures and flowrates of the process streams using a decentralized control system, such that the Total Annual Cost involving the(More)
In gas-phase reactors for ethylene polymerisation, tight temperature control is of utmost importance to ensure that the temperature in the reaction zone is kept above the dew point of reactants, yet below the melt point of the polymer. Another important point is that if the temperature was under open-loop conditions, these reactors are prone to instability(More)
The RPN indicates how potentially difficult it is for a given system to achieve the desired performance robustly. It reflects both the attainable performance of a system and its degree of directionality. Three new indices, RPN ratio, RPN difference, and relative RPN are introduced to quantify how realizable a given desired performance can be. The(More)
In an industrial gas-phase polyethylene reactor, the safe operating range of temperature is rather narrow. Even within this temperature range, temperature excursions must be avoided because they can result in low catalyst productivity and significant changes in product properties. In previous work, using a first-principles model, including the recycle(More)