Jorge Nieto-Sotelo

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In this work we introduce the confluent and various sizes image analysis method (COVASIAM), an automated colony count technique that uses digital imaging technology for detection and separation of confluent microbial colonies and colonies of various sizes growing on petri dishes. The proposed method takes advantage of the optical properties of the surfaces(More)
HSP101 belongs to the ClpB protein subfamily whose members promote the renaturation of protein aggregates and are essential for the induction of thermotolerance. We found that maize HSP101 accumulated in mature kernels in the absence of heat stress. At optimal temperatures, HSP101 disappeared within the first 3 days after imbibition, although its levels(More)
Transcription of heat shock genes is induced by exposure of cells to elevated temperatures or other stress conditions. In yeast, it is thought that induction of transcription is mediated by conversion of a DNA-bound transcriptionally inactive form of the heat shock transcription factor (HSTF) to a DNA-bound transcriptionally active form. We have identified(More)
Phytochrome-imposed down-regulation of the expression of its own phytochrome A gene (PHYA) is one of the fastest light-induced effects on transcription reported in plants to date. Functional analysis of the oat PHYA3 promoter in a transfection assay has revealed two positive elements, PE1 and PE3, that function synergistically to support high levels of(More)
The cAMP-dependent protein kinase regulatory network (PKA-RN) regulates metabolism, memory, learning, development, and response to stress. Previous models of this network considered the catalytic subunits (CS) as a single entity, overlooking their functional individualities. Furthermore, PKA-RN dynamics are often measured through cAMP levels in(More)
Nodal roots (NRs) constitute the prevalent root system of adult maize plants. NRs emerge from stem nodes located below or above ground, and little is known about their inducing factors. Here, it is shown that precocious development of NRs at the coleoptilar node (NRCNs) occurred in maize seedlings when: (i) dark grown and stimulated by the concurrent action(More)
Variation of ribosomal DNA (rDNA) was analyzed within and among individuals, populations, and subspecies of Phlox divaricata. Phlox divaricata is a widespread woodland perennial of the midwestern United States. It consists of a large eastern subspecies, ssp. divaricata, and a more restricted western subspecies, ssp. Zaphami. As in other plant species,(More)
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