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—A very efficient energy-management system for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), using neural networks (NNs), was developed and tested. The system minimizes the energy requirement of the vehicle and can work with different primary power sources like fuel cells, microturbines, zinc-air batteries, or other power supplies with a poor ability to recover energy(More)
Frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD) is generally recognised as a disorder with presenile onset (that is before 65 years of age) with only occasional cases presenting later than this. We set out to determine what proportion of cases of FTLD had late onset of disease and whether such cases of FTLD had distinctive clinical and neuropathological features(More)
BACKGROUND Multiple Myeloma is a cancer of B plasma cells, which produce non-specific antibodies and proliferate uncontrolled. Due to the potential relapse and non-specificity of current treatments, immunotherapy promises to be more specific and may induce long-term immunity in patients. The pituitary tumor transforming gene 1 (PTTG-1) has been shown to be(More)
Hemisection of a mandibular molar may be a suitable treatment option when the decay is restricted to one root and the other root is healthy. This article describes and illustrates a case in which the decayed terminal abutment was part of a fixed prosthesis. Hemisection and prosthetic rehabilitation yielded a satisfactory result.
  • Tania Massignan, Sara Cimini, Claudia Stincardini, Milica Cerovic, Ilaria Vanni, Saioa R. Elezgarai +11 others
  • 2016
Prion diseases are rare neurodegenerative conditions associated with the conformational conversion of the cellular prion protein (PrP(C)) into PrP(Sc), a self-replicating isoform (prion) that accumulates in the central nervous system of affected individuals. The structure of PrP(Sc) is poorly defined, and likely to be heterogeneous, as suggested by the(More)
The proliferative response of the neuroblastoma line NB69 to a 100 µT, 50 Hz magnetic field (MF) has been shown mediated by activation of the MAPK-ERK1/2 pathway. This work investigates the MF effect on the cell cycle of NB69, the participation of p38 and c-Jun N-terminal (JNK) kinases in the field-induced proliferative response and the potential(More)
The analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) is based on the general linear models. This technique involves a regression model, often multiple, in which the outcome is presented as a continuous variable, the independent variables are qualitative or are introduced into the model as dummy or dichotomous variables, and factors for which adjustment is required(More)
This paper describes a content object and metadata repositories model, which provides an alternative to search and to access repositories developed in Colombia and Latin America. Along with the repositories model, an initial design of a decision support system for repositories is presented. In order to preserve the autonomy of each repository, a common web(More)