Jorge Moreno-Aranda

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Adrenal cysts are rare entities, and hemorrhagic pseudocysts are even less frequent. Generally, they are unsuspected during first patient evaluation and can suggest acute abdomen. We present the case of a hemorrhagic pseudocyst with sudden onset of abdominal pain and features compatible with acute appendicitis.
OBJECTIVE To present the case of a woman with the diagnosis of transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder and Stauffer's syndrome. METHOD The clinical and radiological files were analyzed, and a bibliographic review was performed. RESULTS We present an 82 year old female with a four month history of hematuria, presenting in the emergency room where(More)
Kidney transplants are carried out as any other surgical procedure at specialized third level hospitals. For over 20 years, in Mexico, transplants have been done with kidneys originating from cadavers. Even though this has been of tremendous help, there is still a shortage of donors. Two successful cases of kidney transplants are presented where the donor(More)
This device consists of a woven in a form of a tubular mesh, made up for the use in the urethra. We report the clinical and uroflujometric results in 10 patients with urethral stricture and 4 with obstructive prostatic hyperplasia. The study includes a 7 year period since October of 1993 up until June 2000. All patients were evaluated pre and post stent(More)
Renal pelvis leiomyomas are infrequent benign tumours. These tumours are more frequent in women, usually asymptomatic and difficult to distinguish from malign kidney masses. A 27-year-old female presented with an asymptomatic renal mass discovered after abdominal ultrasound during routine check-up. Percutaneous renal biopsy was performed and reported(More)
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