Jorge Mazuze

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Timely access to critical information is crucial for any organization operating in situations of emergency. Deploying an adequate information system tailored to specific organizational needs and matched to the organizational structure is essential. To understand the knowledge management needs of Médecins Sans Frontières, one of the leading NGOs in(More)
Apps supporting social networking in proximity are gaining momentum as they enable to both augment face-to-face interaction with a digital channel (e.g. classroom interaction systems) and augment digital interaction by providing a local real life feeling to it (e.g. nearby friends app in Facebook). Such apps effectively provide a cyber-physical space(More)
Non-Governmental Organizations in the humanitarian field are particularly knowledge intensive structures. However, they often fail to manage this knowledge efficiently and thus waste resources repeating avoidable mistakes. Providing adequate incentives for knowledge sharing is a central issue in any knowledge management system and is still largely(More)
Knowledge management is particularly important in humanitarian organization operating in situations of emergency. One of the challenges in designing systems to support knowledge management is to increase knowledge sharing. In this research-in-progress we explore attitudes of humanitarian workers of Médecins Sans Frontières towards knowledge(More)
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