Jorge Martinalbo

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In healthy cells, Bax resides inactive in the cytosol because its COOH-terminal transmembrane region (TMB) is tucked into a hydrophobic pocket. During apoptosis, Bax undergoes a conformational change involving NH2-terminal exposure and translocates to mitochondria to release apoptogenic factors. How this process is regulated remains unknown. We show that(More)
Cell-cycle inhibitors of the Cip/Kip and INK4 families are involved in cellular senescence and tumor suppression. Some of these proteins, p21(Cip1), p16(INK4a) and p15(INK4b), are coexpressed in response to antiproliferative signals such as cellular senescence resulting in cell-cycle arrest. To understand the roles of these inhibitors and their synergistic(More)
Nanotechnology-based and advanced therapy medicinal products are at the cutting edge of innovation in translational drug development, potentially offering new treatment approaches for diseases with limited or no therapeutic alternatives. Their development from the laboratory to the clinic poses specific scientific and regulatory challenges, and some debate(More)
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