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This paper extends the notion of an archimedean frame to frames which are not necessarily algebraic. The new notion is called joinfitness and is Choice-free. Assuming the Axiom of Choice and for compact normal algebraic frames, the new and the old coincide. There is a subfunctor from the category of compact normal frames with skeletal maps with joinfit(More)
This paper analyses whether there has been an increase in the degree of financial market integration during the nineties. To do this, we focus on stock markets and compute, first, a number of standard measures of co-movements that sometimes are interpreted as measures of financial integration. In our view, they only measure financial market linkages. In any(More)
This paper continues the investigation into Krull-style dimensions in algebraic frames. Let L be an algebraic frame. dim(L) is the supremum of the lengths k of sequences p 0 < p 1 < · · · < p k of (proper) prime elements of L. Recently, Th. Coquand, H. Lom-bardi and M.-F. Roy have formulated a characterization which describes the dimension of L in terms of(More)
BACKGROUND The high segmentation and fragmentation in the provision of services are some of the main problems of the Colombian health system. In 2004 the district government of Bogota decided to implement a Primary Health Care (PHC) strategy through the Home Health program. PHC was conceived as a model for transforming health care delivery within the(More)
BACKGROUND Colombia is one of the countries with the widest levels of socioeconomic and health inequalities. Bogotá, its capital, faces serious problems of poverty, social disparities and access to health services. A Primary Health Care (PHC) strategy was implemented in 2004 to improve health care and to address the social determinants of such inequalities.(More)
The results of a survey from 1985 to 1994 of the USDA Forest Service's National Forest System prescribed burning activity and costs are examined. Fuels management officers from 95 National Forests reported costs and acreage burned for 4 types of prescribed fire, including slash reduction, management-ignited fires, prescribed natural fires, and brush, grass,(More)
Pancreatic cancer remains as one of the most aggressive human neoplasms, with overall poor survival rates. Radical surgery of the primary lesion is the best option for treatment. Borderline resectable pancreatic tumors (BRPT), defined as partial involvement of peripancreatic vasculature, may benefit from neoadjuvant therapy. We report on the first two BRPT(More)
A notion of effective gauge fields which does not involve a background metric is introduced. The role of scale is played by cellular decompositions of the base manifold. Once a cellular decomposition is chosen, the corresponding space of effective gauge fields is the space of flat connections with singularities on its codimension two skeleton, A C-flat / ¯