Jorge Marcos-Acevedo

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In battery applications, particularly in automobiles, submarines and remote communications, the state of charge (SoC) is needed in order to manage batteries efficiently. The most widely used physical parameter for this is electrolyte density. However, there is greater dependency between electrolyte viscosity and SoC than that seen for density and SoC. This(More)
This article describes a multi-point optical fiber-based sensor for the measurement of electrolyte density in lead-acid batteries. It is known that the battery charging process creates stratification, due to the different densities of sulphuric acid and water. In order to study this process, density measurements should be obtained at different depths. The(More)
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Courseware is presented here, based on Java applets, that is designed to facilitate better understanding of some of the most popular algorithms in semi-custom IC physical design automation. The applets have been applied successfully in the course Microelectronic Design II, a telecommu-nication engineering fifth-year subject at the University of Vigo(More)
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