Jorge Madrid

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PURPOSE We investigated the incidence of cardiac adverse events in patients with early breast cancer in the Herceptin Adjuvant (HERA) trial who were treated with 1 year of trastuzumab after completion of (neo)adjuvant chemotherapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS The HERA trial is a three-group, randomized trial that compared 1 year or 2 years of trastuzumab with(More)
PURPOSE To analyze the efficacy and toxicity of adjuvant whole abdomen irradiation (WAI) and concomitant chemotherapy in the treatment of completely resected, high-risk gastric cancer. METHODS AND MATERIALS Between October 1990 and September 1997, 52 patients with completely resected gastric cancer, with lymph node and/or serosal involvement, were(More)
BACKGROUND Approximately 5% of all breast cancers can be attributed to a mutation in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene. The genetic component of breast cancer in Colombia has been, for the most part, studied on cases from the Bogota region. Five different founder mutations were in two studies of breast cancer patients in the Bogota region. It is important that the(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the morbidity of different types of permanent urinary diversion. METHODS We reviewed the postoperative and longterm complications observed in 85 patients who underwent permanent urinary diversion from December, 1986 to January, 1993: cutaneous ureterostomy (16 pts.), transintestinal incontinent cutaneous ureterostomy (41 pts.),(More)
To determine the efficacy of ifosfamide in the treatment of advanced ovarian malignancy, 20 patients with stages III and IV epithelial ovarian cancer were treated with this agent. Of these, 15 received the drug as primary chemotherapy. The response rate was 33%, with a median duration of remission of 13 months. Five patients were treated with ifosfamide(More)
With the aim of determining the formation of alpha-dicarbonyl intermediates during beer aging on the shelf, alpha-dicarbonyls were identified and quantified after derivatization with 1,2-diaminobenze to generate quinoxalines. The sensory effects of alpha-dicarbonyls were evaluated by the quantification of key Strecker aldehydes and by GC-olfactometry(More)
We report the case of a white male who underwent a classic hemipelvectomy due to a femur fibrosarcoma with inguinal metastases, which 33 years later, developed into a posthemipelvectomy hernia in the amputation stump that impaired the use of his Canadian prosthesis. The hernia was repaired with a polypropylene mesh in a subaponeurotic position. A seroma was(More)
BACKGROUND Neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) is the standard treatment for patients with locally advanced breast cancer, showing improvement in disease-free survival (DFS) and overall survival (OS) rates in patients achieving pathological complete response (pCR). The relationship between immunohistochemistry-based molecular subtyping (IMS), chemo sensitivity(More)
OBJECTIVE To report an uncommon association of prostate and lung cancer. METHODS The characteristics of both tumors, their association with tumors in other sites and the time of presentation are analyzed. RESULTS Both tumors were in the advanced stages. Metastatic carcinoma of the prostate was discarded due to the form of presentation. CONCLUSIONS(More)