Jorge Luiz Alves-Pereira

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of leptin administration on the ventral prostate lobe of adult rat. Twenty adult male rats were divided into 2 groups: L-animals were daily injected with 50 μL of leptin (8 μg/100 g BW, subcutaneous) for four days and C-animals received the same volume of saline solution. Lipid profile and testosterone serum(More)
PURPOSE We evaluated whether antihypertensive drugs that act through the renin-angiotensin system would affect testis function. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ten mice were fed standard chow and 40 received a high energy density diet. At 8 weeks the high energy density diet mice were divided into 4 groups of 10 each. The untreated group received the high energy(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate if the expression of metalloproteinase, collagen I and III are related to Gleason score, preoperative PSA and pathological stage in prostate cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS Our study group included radical prostatectomy specimens of 33 patients with prostatic adenocarcinoma who underwent surgery from 2001 to 2009. Patients were divided(More)
UNLABELLED This paper aimed to evaluate the leptin role on the cellular proliferation and the expression of fibroblast growth factor 2, aromatase enzyme, and apoptotic genes in the human prostate tissue. METHODS Fifteen samples of hyperplasic prostate tissue were divided in four symmetric parts maintained in RPMI medium supplemented with 10% fetal bovine(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the effects of the maternal caffeine consumption during pregnancy to adult male testis mice offspring. METHODS Twenty pregnant mice were divided into control group (c) and caffeine group (cf). dams received daily saline or 20 mg/kg of caffeine subcutaneously. Male offspring were monitored daily until 13th week. The testis were used(More)
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